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Weight Loss from 157 Kg to 102 Kg in 1 year

Ramesh Kumar presents his Bariatric Journey to wellness – From 157 Kg to 102 Kg in 1 year.

I am working in Dubai. My home is in Kannur. I had a small fracture while I was in Dubai. During that period my weight was 157 Kg. I had swelling on my leg and I consulted a doctor in Dubai regarding this. The doctor advised me that the swelling is not due to the fracture, but because of my weight and he advised Bariatric Surgery. I didn’t know about Bariatric Surgery until now. I learned about Dr. R. Padmakumar and I met Dr. R. Padmakumar on July 22nd. My HbA1c was above 8 at that time, and my sugar level was high. I was admitted at VPS Lakeshore Hospital on July 30th.

From the moment I did my surgery, my sugar level suddenly came back to normal. Then from then on I had drastic changes. The first month, as the doctor mentioned, I had 22 Kg weight loss, now I am 111.5 (at the time of this recording). I don’t feel breathless now, I can walk how much ever kilometers without feeling shortness of breath. I feel totally relaxed.

Almost 20 banyans I have given to charity, because they don’t suit me now. I am maintaining a calendar to check my progress daily. It is really a second life for me. If someone asks me my age, I tell them I am just 5 months. I tell them this is my second life. I eat very less food now, I can’t eat more. But I am happy.

In the past before the surgery, I had to sell my own car take a vehicle on rent, because I could not sit in my own car because of my stomach. All this changed. I feel so comfortable now.

I was using 48 size pant, now I am using 40 size pant.

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