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Weight Loss from 157 Kg to 102 Kg in 1 year

Ramesh Kumar presents his Bariatric Journey to wellness - From 157 Kg to 102 Kg in 1 year Watch Video - Weight Loss 1 year after Surgery Experience 5 months after surgery Above Video translated I am working in Dubai...

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Reviews after Bariatric Surgery
Google Reviews – Weight Loss Testimonials

Google Review Hi I am Mareena and I am very happy and satisfied patient of Dr Padmakumar as he have helped me to change myself the exact way I really wanted I was weighing 105 kg when I did my surgery, and now I am 79 kg I was suffering from diabetic...

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Weight Loss Surgery – Video Testimonials

Video Reviews Image...

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Patient Testimonial after Weight Loss Surgery

Weight before surgery :98Kg I felt blessed  when I heard about Dr Padmakumar as I was struggling with overweight and difficult to carry out my day to day activities  I was also having trouble to breathe properly and my heart rate was also...

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