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Hi I am Mareena and I am very happy and satisfied patient of Dr Padmakumar as he have helped me to change myself the exact way I really wanted. I was weighing 105kg when I did my surgery, and now I am 79kg. I was suffering from diabetic , hypertension, back pain, pcod etc…Now l am free from all these things and not taking medicines for anything .only some iron ,calcium ,and vitamins thatโ€™s it. More than that I used to suffer from very bad migraines since childhood. Now I am 99 percent free from that. I have undergone 4 surgeries before for some other health issues . But my friends let me say you this was the most comfortable and relaxed surgery I had till now and soon recovery and not much rest needed at all. Now you donโ€™t know how much energetic I am in my life .More than that I have become more young than before as I was at the time of my marriage. Now I am 40yrs. Being like this I feel more confident. Thanks to Dr Padmakumar and his entire team๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘.Another best quality about this doctor is that the very good friendly relationship between the doctor and patient. we feel very comfortable with him when we share our problems. The exact way how a child is comfortable with his or her father .He is very down to earth person. IF we are in need of any emergency we can call him at anytime, he picks him phone and answer us patiently even if he is busy other than the surgery time. I suggest to my friends who are very obese like me before and suffering from diabetic etc can do gastric sleeve without hesitating .people may force you not doing. It is you are the one who have to decide and no one else. At the beginning my husband and family members was not happy to do the surgery. But I decided doing it .Now seeing my change all are happy .Sorry I have written a lot to read. This was because I really wanted to share my happiness and relief to others


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All the years after my first delivery, I had been struggling to attain weight loss. I infact tried all diets out there but nothing gave me long term results. I was diagnosed with High Blood Pressure , hypothyroidism metabolic syndrome, polycystic ovarian syndrome , acid reflux, heartburn, pre-diabetes, , migraines, sinuses, foot and knee pain.

At one point my weight had reached 115 kg and this was the time I decided that enough was enough and that I have to find a one time solution for weight loss.

I heard about Dr. R. Padmakumar from his online programs and decided to meet the doctor for a consultation. On the first meeting itself I could feel the positive vibe of Dr. Padmakumar and his passion for helping people change there life’s for the better. He is truly caring and explained everything in a way which clears any doubt that we might have. The whole team of keyhole clinic is friendly , knowledgble and supportive. They really made me feel comfortable and welcome.

After surgery my life has turned great and the only regret is not having done the surgery earlier. After one year of surgery I lost 40kg and feel healthier and younger and have gained so much more confidence. I feel the best looking at myself in the mirror again.

I am truly thankful and grateful to Dr.Padmakumar and the entire team at keyhole clinic for bringing back the biggest smile on my face.

Soumya Eapen

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Great Team! Great support! Thankful that I had the best Dr. R. Padmakumar and his team perform my Bariatric keyhole surgery. All my questions and concerns were addressed. Made the whole process a smooth journey. Thank you!

Peter Vergies

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It gives me immense pleasure to write this review about Keyhole clinic. I could experience an amazingly caring and highly professional treatment which really helped me in building my confidence for undergoing surgery to improve my health conditions resulted from obesity. I would like to thank Dr. Padmakumar, his highly efficient team of doctors and other staffs for such a wonderful treatment. Iโ€™m glad to recommend Keyhole clinic to everyone whoโ€™s suffering from similar issues related to obesity. Thank you ๐Ÿ™

Ramesh Saleena

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I am very satisfied by the treatment which give me a new life.” I LOSS 35 kg weight “I’m really happy with the service of Dr padmakumar.” and team. Very calm and friendly

Wilson Jose

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Loved the service and treatment from the staff and doctor. Recommend everyone to this clinic who looks for weight reduction. Thank you padmakumar sir.

Adhil KA

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Consulting the doctor has changed my lifestyle all together. I’ve been guided the right way, ample treatment at the hospital and the Keyhole clinic. I would suggest my friends a d colleagues to visit the doctor once and I am sure they will continue their treatment there especially for weight loss.

Rajitha Sebastian

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My mother had undergone bariartic surgery recently. Support from Dr Padmakumar and his team was incredible. Lot of positivity and good care was given to her. Very friendly and efficient doctor.

Revathy Sreekumar

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Very nice place and qualified doctors. Best place to treat obesity, if you’re looking for a surgery or diet plans.

Anilkumar Thoppil

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I had a surgery done by. Dr. Padma Kumar and team, VENTRAL HERNIA+DERMOLIPECTOMY, FAT REDUCTION, 7 MONTHS AGO After surgery I am fine, I am working in Saudi Arabia. My weight also reducing. It was very good experience with me, thank you for everything Dr. Padma Kumar and team. GOD BLESS YOU.

Elsa Silvin