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Migraine Headache

Migraine Headache Treatment

Migraine is one of the leading causes of primary headache In the world. The morbidity caused by this is quite significant. It is also one of the leading causes of recurrent unrelenting headache causing much discomfort to the affected person. Migraine can be classified in various ways the most used classification is based on the presence or absence of aura and some other symptoms ..

Migraine Headaches can be classified as

1) Common migraine
2) Classical migraine .

The most distinguishing feature of migraine is the presence of trigger factors . The trigger factors can be varied and be distinct in each individual. The usual triggers being:

  • Hypoglycemia.
  • Tension.
  • Sunlight.
  • Types of food.
  • Odours etc .

The differential diagnosis of migraine include :

  1. Sinusitis
  2. Hypertensive headache
  3. Trauma related headache
  4. Eye related causes.

The diagnosis is usually one of exclusion. That is, if no other tangible cause of headache can be identified, it can be taken as migraine which is also called Vascular Headache . The cause of migraine is usually because of vasodialation in certain parts of the brain and meningeal blood vessels . It is usually associated with nausea ,vomiting, intolerance to loud sounds, and bright lights. The patient will be irritable too.

Lifestyle modifications
To avoid risk factors

Try to do meditation and yoga. Avoid anxiety and tensions .. Have a routine order in our life on a daily basis. Medical mgt.. Some can be treated with a simple analgesic like paracetamol.. but some require stronger NSAIDS…

Some require a combination of NSAIDS with anti emetic agents like domperidone. The stronger medicines like sumatyptans etc are given in severe unrelenting cases only . .

DEPARTMENT OF ENT Symptoms of Migraine

Watch a Video talk on Headache, its causes, and its Treatment by Dr. Uma Lakshmi Damodar, ENT Specialist, Keyhole Clinic


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