I had a wonderful experience at Keyhole Clinic. The staff were really loving and caring. I didn’t even feel like it was my first time being here. The hospital is extremely sterile and it didn’t provoke my dust allergy. I must say this that this hospital has a clean environment.

Dr. Padmakumar, Sandhya and the entire team have done an amazing job. Their personal care made me feel so pampered. They even supplied the medications at my home. Sandhya dressed me as I wasn’t able to. Dr.Amal and Dr.Akhila were also part of my transformation journey. Thanks a lot !

Their high quality treatment helped me to transform my body as well as to make myself look younger. I feel so confident about my body now and I am overwhelmed by people’s comments. I highly recommend Keyhole Clinic and it will be always my first choice. I can guarantee that you will be pleased too.

Thank you the entire Keyhole clinic team !

Lots of love,

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