Video Talks

DateTopicTalk ByWatch
March 2020Laparoscopic surgery for thyroidDr. R. PadmakumarWatch Video
March 2020Intragastric balloon - Reduce weight in 15 days with this balloon Dr. R. PadmakumarWatch Video
March 2020Gallbladder StonesDr. Madhukara PaiWatch Video
March 2020World Obesity Day - MalayalamDr. R. PadmakumarWatch Video
March 2020Gallbladder Stones - MalayalamDr. Madhukar PaiWatch Video
March 2020Tummy Tuck - MalayalamDr. R. PadmakumarWatch Video
January 2020Pilonidal Sinus - MalayalamDr. Madhukar PaiWatch Video
December 2019Colon Cancer and Treatment - MalayalamDr. R. PadmakumarWatch Video
November 2019Diabetes and ObesityDr. Madhukar PaiWatch Video
November 2019Tummy Tuck Surgery - All you need to know - Malayalam
Dr. R. PadmakumarWatch Video
October 2019Hernia ; Symptoms, Causes, Treatment | Doctor LiveDr. R. PadmakumarWatch Video
October 2019Diabetes and ObesityDr. R. PadmakumarWatch Video
October 2019Thyroid Nodules and Keyhole Thyroid SurgeryDr. R. PadmakumarWatch Video
August 2019Endoscopic Thyroidectomy by Dr Padmakumar on MediBiz TVDr. R. PadmakumarWatch Video
August 2019Gallbladder StonesDr. Madhukar PaiWatch Video
August 2019Hernia SurgeryDr. Madhukar PaiWatch Video
August 2019How Laparoscopic Surgery developed in India? Dr R Padmakumar interview with Dr M C MisraDr. R. PadmakumarWatch Video
July 2019What is Laparoscopy?
Dr. R. PadmakumarWatch Video
June 2019Keyhole Surgery for Thyroid NodulesDr. R. PadmakumarWatch Video
June 2019AppendicitisDr. Madhukar PaiWatch Video
May 2019Hernia: Causes, treatments, and diagnosisDr. Madhukar PaiWatch Video
January 2019Thyroid & Laparoscopic surgeryDr. R. PadmakumarWatch Video
January 2019Keyhole Surgery and ObesityDr. R. PadmakumarWatch Video
January 2019Keyhole Surgery for HerniaDr. R. PadmakumarWatch Video
January 2019Piles Causes and TreatmentsDr. Madhukar PaiWatch Video
January 2019What is Pilonidal Sinus?Dr. Madhukar PaiWatch Video
November 2018Diabetes and Family.
Talk on World Diabetes Day.
Dr. R. PadmakumarWatch Video
September 2018Cholelithiasis
Dr. Madhukar PaiWatch Video
26 April 2018 Laparoscopic SurgeryDr. R. PadmakumarWatch Video
March 2018What is Fistula? and Fistula Treatment Dr. Madhukar PaiWatch Video
February 2018Cholelithiasis
Dr. Madhukar PaiWatch Video
December 2017What is Hemorrhoids?
December 2017
Dr. Madhukar PaiWatch Video
December 2017HerniaDr. Madhukar PaiWatch Video

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