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Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery

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Ventra Hernia Repair - Review in Facebook

My wife was so disappointed and very sad due to her tummy because of Ventral Hernia. She got a hope after we met Dr. Padmakumar at Keyhole clinic. Now she is so excited to go to work with out wearing the abdomen binder. We are thankful to Dr. Padmakumar and his efficient team (Dr. Pai and Dr. Kevin) for their tremendous skill in performing her surgery. Their talent and caring manner is a credit to the medical profession. No words are enough to appreciate their service. We want to thank you from the bottom of our heart for the warmth with which you treated her to good health.

Google Review

Dr. Padmakumar is an excellent surgeon, very skilled, very positive and extremely down to earth . He installs confidence in patient, explains in words any normal person can understand and support the patient throughout from the psychological starting of a patients surgery life cycle till the recovery phase. He takes call at whatever time and help the patient\attendant with required information/advice with patience .It was so comfortable to interact with him for my wife’s Umbilical Hernia surgery which was complex and was a complete open surgery. We are greatly indebted to him for his wonderful support/expertise during/before/after the surgery.