Keyhole Clinic (Kochi)

Dr. Jisha V
Consultant Family Physician

COVID-19 Pneumonia
COVID-19 Pneumonia – Video Talk

COVID-19 Pneumonia – This video explains how COVID-19 causes pneumonia. Pneumonia is an infection of the lungs that leads to inflammation in the tiny air sacs also called alveoli inside your lungs. They may fill up with so much fluid and pus that it’s hard to breathe and enough oxygen is not absorbed into the […]

Family Physician Online Consultation
Family Physician Online Consultation

BOOK AN APPOINTMENT Family Medicine Comprehensive Health Care Holistic health care involving prevention and management of multiple physical and emotional health problems of a patient over a period of time in relationship to family, life events and environment. Preventive Health & Vaccinations Preventive care helps detect or prevent serious diseases and medical problems before they […]

Dr. Jisha V – Video Talks

KNOW YOUR DOCTOR BOOK APPOINTMENT COVID-19 കോവിഡ് വാക്സിൻ എടുക്കാൻ പോകുന്നതിന് മുമ്പും ശേഷവും ചെയ്യേണ്ടതും ചെയ്യാൻ പാടില്ലാത്തതും ആയ കാര്യങ്ങൾ COVID-19 ബ്ലാക്ക് ഫങ്കസ് ആർക്കൊക്കെ വരാം ,ഇത് വരാനുള്ള പ്രധാന കാരണം കോവിഡിന്റെ പുതിയ തുടക്ക ലക്ഷണങ്ങൾ Dementia നിങ്ങള്ക്ക് മറവിരോഗം വരും എന്നതിന് ശരീരം മുന്‍കൂട്ടി കാണിച്ചുതരുന്ന ആറു ലക്ഷണങ്ങള്‍


Our Outpatient Services

Keyhole Clinic Edappally

Keyhole Clinic, the state-of-the-art healthcare facility, is situated in the Heart of Kochi at a very prime location (Edappally), We have well-experienced and reputed team of Medical Professionals at our center.

Keyhole Clinic is now NABH Accredited

Keyhole Clinic is now NABH Accredited
National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers
Patient Safety & Quality of Care

Our Vision: Center of Excellence in all specialities aiming to provide Comprehensive & Comfortable Outpatient Healthcare Services

Mission: High Quality Care with a Smile

Quality Policy: To provide state-of-the-art facilities of International Standards to patients in a pleasant ambience