Endoscopic Neck Surgeries Monograph

TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter 1 Introduction Chapter 2 Decision Making in Surgical Diseases of Thyroid Chapter 3 Endoscopic Thyroidectomy Chapter 4 Endoscopic Neck Surgeries (other than thyroid) Endoscopic Parathyroidectomy Endoscopic Thyroglossal Cyst Excision Endoscopic Branchial Cyst Excision Endoscopic Ectopic Thyroidectomy Endoscopic Neck Dissection Endoscopic Lipoma Excision Endoscopic Assisted Thyroidectomy Endoscopic Submandibular Sialadenectomy Chapter 5 Postoperative […]

Endoscopic Thyroid Surgery in Kochi

What is Thyroid? Thyroid is an important gland in our body and it is very essential that the function of the thyroid remains normal.  The hormones produced by thyroid regulates many of the body’s processes and the functioning of many of the organs of the body.  Thyroxine has a role in the heart rate, metabolism, […]


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